We Are Here To Serve You

Clients have engaged Fedosky to provide digital identity services for more than 10 years. Although we specialize in providing identity and brand protection services, we’ve also helped clients:

  • Optimize online conversion rates
  • Develop custom decision support tools
  • Select and manage offshore development vendors
  • Migrate internal and external websites to new domain names

Clients rave about our project managers and often ask to expand their scope of work. Although we are selective about the work that we take on, we love working with our clients on high profile and mission critical projects.

Meet Jacob

Jacob Fedosky


Jacob’s friends and family lovingly call him the “domain guy”. He has been helping clients with their domain name strategies for more than 10 years (since high school!) and he never passes up the opportunity to talk about the industry.

When he isn’t serving clients (or bothering his loved ones with more domain-talk), he likes to fish, hike and travel.